Interdisciplinary workshops with students

Interdisciplinary and collective workshop aim to start a co-planning process with students and PhD candidates towards the sharing and the appropriation of NEB’s principles: we will create a creative context of relationships and exchanges in which to share the vision of the future in order to design the contemporary starting from the students’ vision.

Cross-experience: training and application


21-22-23 July 2021


Imagination workshops for the Urban Mediterranean

Training, Workshop and design competition to re-think the university envelope for better energy performances and indoor well-being in the university spaces


June-July 2021

Sensible skin fo Santa Verdiana

According to the general EU perspective of renovating the public buildings, the universities can provide the exemplary role contributing with the strategic role of research and innovation, but also of teaching and training the professionals of tomorrow. From this perspective, the university building appears to be the ideal place for experimenting with innovative energy retrofit strategies for public buildings, as well as innovative processes that support the effective achievement of ambitious energy and environmental quality targets

In the framework of MED EcoSure project, fostering the Mediterranean Cross border Living Lab strategies, the research group proposes to launch a design workshop-competition to define different scenarios, identifying the best architectural energy retrofit solutions for the pilot building of the Santa Verdiana, responding to specific performance requirements and above all integrated in the context of architectural value.


17-25 May 2021 | 9.30 - 13.00/14.00 - 17.00

Blooming with New Bauhaus

The workshop, organized in collaboration with the Futuri Speculativi team, is an initiative acting as a moment of training and awareness for the participating students and PhD students. The workshop involved 45 DIDA students from all degree courses and 21 projects were presented, many of which participated in the NEB's Rising Stars competition. The projects presented ranged evenly across each of the disciplines involved: product design, service design, communication, architectural design, urban design, landscape architecture, fashion products, and the recovery and reuse of industrial structures. This emphasised the interdisciplinary nature of the workshop, which was intended to teach precise, concise and communicative design writing. Convincingly illustrating the content of a project and writing about it is fundamental for a designer, who must be able to communicate immediately with his interlocutors.