Educating next generation
Growing a new living

The activity launches an interactive educational project between children, experts of design and planning and stakeholders in the fields of education, aiming for three main goals: experimenting participatory practices, learning from children’s needs and visions; training the new generations to be aware of sustainability, inclusion and aesthetics; put schools at the core of public city, opening their spaces to citizens and experimenting forms of outdoor education.

The goal is to launch an educational project by experimenting participatory urban planning with children, learning from their needs and visions. This, to train the new generations to be aware of sustainability and inclusion dimensions and to understand the complexity of urban ecosystems.


7th July 2021 | 15h00

Le case, le cose, i sogni: costruire con i bambini una nuova cultura dell’abitare

Experts of design and planning, scholars in environmental sciences and stakeholders in the fields of education will talk about strategies and good practices to build together with children a new vision and a new way of living and inhabit places.